Jan 28, 2012

Happy. Birthday, more

Helloooow everybody ^^
Hope you've missed me enough to read this e.e
This month was my Birthday. It was a perfect day, even if I had to study Maths in the afternoon ;)
My parents gift were 60 Faber-Castell professional colour pencils, my sis had written a poem for me (shes SO poetic... ;)) and also Lemonade Mouths CD. I had also more things, but the most important one was being with Family and Friends.
Friends of Germany (Love you ;) ) sent me by card a bracelet and a letter.
I'm very happy. I hope everybody (my friends, family) will stand by my side. I'll try to make the world better for them.

I know today I haven't written a logical entry, but sometimes, you don't know how to express feelings.
P.D: I love Dragons ;)

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