Dec 31, 2011

Harry Potter, friends & more

Hello everybody that is reading me now, I hope you are at least 2 persons :)
I wanted to tell you that I Love <3 Harry Potter, do you? I prefer the books, but the movies are also good...
Yesterday I saw the last film with a very special person, I wanted to say thanks to her because of the very good time we had together :D

I also wanted to talk about people:
Why, why do people use me when others don't want to know anything about them?
It's difficult to find a real friend. I did, but I thought I had done it 2 times, instead of only one. I feel frustrated because ***** didn't value my friendship, my inconditional friendship how I thought he/she would know to do. But I'm not going to cry. I'm tired of crying for everyone, 'cause people don't value me. I'm stronger now, and nobody is going to cut me down...

Hey, I hope you'll have a good entry in 2012!!
P.S: Picture to Burn, Taylor Swifts song to say you that I'm not going to cry for you ;)