Nov 24, 2011

Without Comments ¬¬

Today I was in class (I am usually in class 5 of the 7 days of the week ^^). The teacher gave to us the French oral comprehesion and writing comprehesion tests. I had a good mark at the writing comprehesion, but the oral one had a bad correction (teachers are persons that can make mistakes...). I said it to the teacher, and she answered: "Maria, if you want, I can give you a 9, but..." (she tought I will say: "No teacher, I wasn't saying that...") but I answered: "Of course I want a 9".
-But Maria, you cannot be so ambitious, 'cause one of this days your gonna get a heart attack!-said she.
My friend and I looked one each other and began to laugh until we cried. We didn't say anything to the teacher, we only continued laughing (of course, we cannot say "we think you're stupid, but we are laughing so much we cannot say it to you")

This was the funniest thing that happened this last month ;)


  1. C' est très amusant(e)!! ^^

  2. C'est toi!! Oui, très, très amusant... J'adore Français... ;)